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The MetArt 50+ Club: Niemira

Raven-haired beauty Niemira is the latest gorgeous model to become a member of our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. The curvaceous Ukrainian bombshell made her fiftieth appearance this week, to the delight of members who can’t get enough of her seductive allure.

NIEMIRA: sexual perfection (50 appearances)

The busty blue-eyed babe made her debut at the age of 23 on March 28, 2015, in a “Presenting” photoset by Leonardo. She has worked with seven artists to date: Leonardo 16 times, Fabrice 10, Antonio Clemens 8, Nudero 7, Arkisi 6, Alex Lynn 2, and Deltagamma 1. All of her appearances are photosets, and all solo – this is not a girl who needs to share the limelight. Her top-rated appearances are “Fionna” and “Madera,” both by Leonardo, and both rated an impressive 9.4.

At the time of writing, Niemira is ranked #36, with a rating of 9.29 based on 3,169 votes, with 451,724 views and 4,161 members following her. She has appeared on several other sites in the Network, primarily Eternal Desire but also Domai, Erotic Beauty, Goddess Nudes, Stunning 18, Viv Thomas and Errotica Archives. An interesting fact from our member Kilroy: Niemira is not only the highest scoring model to enter the 50+ Club, but has also done it in the quickest time period of all the active models – just 4.21 years. 

What is it that we all love so much about Niemira? Well, her irresistible physical attributes are unmistakeable. Her pretty face is charming, with strong eyebrows, beautiful eyes and full lips – she’s equally appealing whether she’s playing the fresh-faced girl-next-door or glammed up as a sultry siren. And her body – wow! It’s impossible to overlook her perfect breasts, those wonderful full round globes with sexy tan lines; but her long slender legs, plump pussy and firm ass are equally spectacular. She looks incredible in lingerie and heels, but even better naked. No wonder members describe her as a “goddess” and anticipate her visits with bated breath; and as she’s still actively modeling, we look forward to featuring Niemira on many occasions to come.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


Gold Collar

Erotic fiction inspired by Kelly Wilde in “Feeling Frisky

I like to feel him close to me when he’s away. Unfortunately, he’s away too often. But I understand. He’s the kind of man who’s irreplaceable in his field, a pure Gold Collar. I stay faithful to him at all times because he’s so good to me. We take care of each other and make such a good team.

But I miss him so much today. It’s hard being alone in this massive house without him. I go to his side of the closet and run my hands softly across his shirts. All his linens and silks for business and leisure. Pleasure rises within me, smelling his essence in the room. I take one of his crisp white button-ups and put it on. I close my eyes and hold myself, pretending his strong arms are around me. I’m just in my underwear, and it looks really sexy with his shirt on. I know he’d love it.

I walk to the next room and sit on his side of the table. My hair drapes down the back of the chair. My hand slides down the middle of my stomach and rests on the seam of my panties. I merely press the lace and already, my juices squish between my thighs. My lips part gently and my eyes close. I succumb to lust and start massaging my pussy through my panties. I get lost in my head, multiple fantasies flowing through my mind. Flashes of his handsome face between my legs, his soft full lips pressing my clit. My moans echo to the ceiling, as I feel my climax near.

Suddenly, I hear the door open. Smooth footsteps across the foyer. “Sweetheart? I’m home!”

My hand doesn’t stop moving. My skin tingles in excitement, anticipating his reaction when he catches me like this. And there he is, as calm as can be at first. He watches me touch myself for a moment, then drops his briefcase. His lips part when I curl my finger at him, beckoning him to come closer. He loosens his tie.

“Keep that on,” I command.

My climax peaks just as he drops to his knees. His fingers curl around the seams of my panties and he slides them off. I take his tie and wind it around my hand. His face wedges between my legs and his tongue extends, eager to taste me. It’s soft and wet, but his scruffy chin adds a nice tickle to my lips. His large hands massage my calves as his head swivels in circles. My muscles flutter in pleasure and my hips rock against his face.

“Cum for me, princess!” he whispers into my flesh. The rumble of his voice adds even more stimulation.

I grip his tie so hard, my hand trembles like I’m holding a tiger on a leash. He presses his lips closer and sucks my clit firmly, milking it blissfully.  His tongue flicks faster, but lightens the pressure, making my pussy swell towards him. He withdraws until it’s as light as the brush of a butterfly’s wings. My body stiffens. My legs shake over his back, as my orgasm rises like a flush tide that washes over us both.

He looks up at me in amazement. His lips and chin are soaked with my juices. With his tie still in my hand, I pull him closer. I slowly lick my cum off his chin, spreading the glaze to his mouth. We kiss passionately, sharing my sweet sticky nectar. I let go of his tie and reach for his cock that’s pitching a large tent through his slacks. I unzip him roughly and grab it, slowly jerking it as he groans in my mouth.

I wrap my legs around his waist and guide his long thick cock inside me. His face expresses his lust on my skin. His brows furrowing, his cheeks in heat. He makes hard deep thrusts inside me, stirring another climactic wave. I hold him close and moan sexily in his ear. His cock feels so good inside me, it’s making me melt inside.

He lifts me up and grips my bottom tightly, keeping his cock deep in my core. The sudden motion makes me gasp and giggle, holding on to his neck for security. “Hang on tight, baby,” he whispers seductively, “Daddy’s taking you for a ride.”

I nod and bite my lip lustfully as he kisses me again. Then, I hold him tight as he fucks me hard. My pussy is still sensitive from cumming on his tongue. Adding his cock in the mix is almost overwhelming. But I’m a big girl and I can take anything Daddy gives me. His smooth shaft grows, making my walls feel even tighter around his girth. He fucks me through another climax, then another and another, until I’m a screaming shivering mess in his arms. His shirt is soaked from sleeve to collar.

The final wave gets him. I can hear it in his voice. That masculine groan starts getting louder, followed by stammering profanity. “Are you gonna cum for me, Daddy?” I moan in his ear, nibbling his lobe softly. “Please cum for me! Please! I want it!”

His eyes shut tight. He starts fucking me so hard, I’m bouncing up and down in his arms. His cock grows diamond hard inside me, hitting my wishbone. I hang on tight to his body as he thrusts rapidly until his cock erupts like a volcano inside me. I rock my hips slowly, fucking every pulse out of him. I feel his cum leak, making wet plops as it drips to the smooth marble floor.

He carefully lets me down. His eyes are still closed and his face looks so relaxed. I kiss his lips as he smiles. Then, I take his hand and lead him to the bath. My plan for the rest of the day is to clean him up, then get him dirty all over again.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


New MetArt model of the month: May 2019

May has been a month of abundant sunshine and sexy girls here at MetArt, with nine lovely new models making their naked debut. From busty bombshells to petite cuties, there really was someone for all tastes! It’s not easy to pick favorites from such a bounty of gorgeous budding starlets, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Cassia photographed by Erro. Presented May 12.

Slender and athletic, with perfect breasts and a sensational ass, 22-year-old Polish newcomer Cassia made a powerful first impression. The blue-eyed babe with silky golden-brown hair charmed with her lovely smile and sultry sensuality. Her passionate and romantic bio revealed that she dreams of kisses from a strong yet gentle and seductive man who will adore and cherish her. Could that be you?

Gianna Dior photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented May 19.

A dark-eyed Hispanic honey with a commanding presence, American beauty Gianna Dior made her debut in sexy lingerie which she peeled off to reveal magnificent breasts with delicious chocolate-brown nipples, and a pretty pussy with smooth plump lips and a fluffy bush. Poised and glamorous, this 22-year-old caramel-skinned stunner revealed in her bio that she’s a serious-minded girl who enjoys her studies; but judging by the hint of creaminess displayed here, she enjoys erotic modeling at least as much!

Alice Antoinette photographed by Cassandra Keyes. Presented May 21.

From her cute feet to her wavy blonde hair, 22-year-old American darling Alice Antoinette was a delectable treat. The alluring debutante had flirting with her pretty eyes down to a fine art, stripping out of her bikini by the pool to reveal her incredible body, with luscious breasts, a peachy ass and a smooth shaved pussy. Her confident, uninhibited air as she shared her naked charms was exceptionally appealing.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of May 2019?



The MetArt 50+ Club: Lauren Crist

Sexy brunette Lauren Crist is the latest star to join our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. Czech sweetheart Lauren makes her fiftieth appearance today, an event her many fans have been anticipating enthusiastically.

LAUREN CRIST: natural beauty (50 appearances)

Lovely Lauren made her debut at the age of 21 on November 20, 2012, in a “Presenting” photoset by Luca Helios. She was originally featured as Luce, but later adopted the modeling name Lauren. She has appeared in three movies and 47 photosets to date, all of them solo, and has worked with six artists: Deltagamma 21, Slastyonoff 10, Luca Helios 8, Erro 8, Mike G twice and Ken Tavos once. Her highest rated photosets are her debut and “Latanya” by Mike G, both rated 9.1.

Today’s photoset “Seminal” was shot by Deltagamma, with whom she seems to have a special rapport that extends to the family cat. Playful feline Delta Rho made a guest appearance during the shooting of “Padavu,” leading to the adorable candid shot seen below. Lauren is a very relaxed, composed model, and her unstudied portraits are some of the highlights of their collaboration.

At the time of writing, Lauren’s personal rating is 9.1 based on 3,513 votes, with 156,774 views and 4,241 members following her. She has also appeared sixteen times on our sister site SexArt – including two very hot masturbation movies shot by Andrej Lupin – and once on Errotica Archives.

Sporty Lauren has an incredible body, toned and athletic, with perfect breasts and a firm round ass. She is tall and her pussy is sometimes shaved smooth, sometimes sporting a neat strip of hair. Her pretty smile gives her a sweet approachability, and her beautiful blue eyes are captivating. It’s this combination of girl-next-door cuteness and impressive glamor that has made so popular.

In her biography she reveals: “I love my cat! Second to her I love the guys. I like to pretend to be a sexy star for them. I love to tease and play with them.” If you enjoy her teasing as much as we do, you’ll join us in hoping to see plenty more of this stunning girl.


Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


Pineapple Support Props Up Adult Industry Performers

Organization marks one year of mental health support for adult industry with nonprofit status

About the author: Allison Leigh is a pornographer, producer, polyamorist, and professional kinkster. When sexuality is business, business is fun! 

Mental health care network Pineapple Support is marking its one-year anniversary of providing mental health resources to performers in the adult industry. In its first year, Pineapple Support has connected more than one hundred adult performers to mental health services including free and low-cost therapy, counseling and emotional support.

Nearly a year to the day after the organization’s founding, Pineapple Support has announced that it has secured 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in the United States - a change that founder Leya Tanit says will open up a “whole new chapter… and will help us reach even more performers in the coming year.”

Pineapple Support was launched by Tanit, a former performer, in response to a string of losses in the adult industry from depression and other mental illness. Many adult performers have trouble accessing mental health care and often face discrimination by providers. The organization not only connects performers with care, it also hosts a blog and podcast, and runs events such as suicide prevention training days for the community.

“This is the most tremendous anniversary gift Pineapple Support could ask for,” said Tanit. “This clears the way for many other people, companies and other organizations who want to support the organization as a charitable deduction.”

Pineapple Support already had nonprofit status in the UK, where it was founded. Many major adult companies have stepped up to support the organization.

And as for why the Pineapple?

Pineapple is the most commonly used safe-word, after stop and red.”

To donate or learn more, please visit


This post first appeared on


Gloria Pleases Herself

Erotic fiction inspired by Gloria Sol in “Out of the Way

Gloria has always been a free spirit. That’s why she finds herself on the run from domestic bliss, nothing but a suitcase of clothes to tie her to her old life.

She’s been walking down this track for what feels like hours now, headed for the road that will take her to the bright lights and excitement she craves. It’s hot though, even in her skimpy summer dress, and she’s still some distance from the highway; no chance of hitching a ride out here in the middle of nowhere.

She stops to rest awhile, sitting on her case, thighs spread to let the cooling breeze waft up her dress. It feels good. She tells herself that’s all it’s about – cooling off – as she unbuttons her dress all the way down and lets it fall open, but really, it’s the thrill of her new-found freedom that has her buzzing with exhilaration. Imagine what they’d say, if they saw her undressing in the open like this. Imagine how they’d stare!

Her underwear is so sheer it’s practically see-through, her bra struggling to contain her big breasts as her dark nipples poke through the fabric. She feels her arousal like an urgent pulse at her core as she strolls up and down, performing a silent striptease for the flowers and the trees. Letting her bra slip off, she feels a surge of euphoria at the unrestrained bounce and sway of her beautiful breasts, encouraging her to go further, to give into her primal urge to get naked.

She slides her panties down around her thighs, lets them fall to her ankles, giggling to herself as she kicks them off over her sneakers. She knows her pussy is getting wet without having to touch it, the novelty of feeling the breeze tease her naked flesh so intoxicating. Perhaps she’ll let her fingers do a little exploring before she continues on her way… and let’s see what fresh excitement this wonderful day brings.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


MetArt’s top nude models go wild on SexArt

We have now blogged about every model currently eligible for entry in the MetArt 50+ Club – girls who have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career – although no doubt more will be added to that prestigious group soon. Watch out for Niemira and Lauren Crist, both approaching fifty appearances!

As it stands, we have 53 models in the 50+ Club, and it seems an appropriate time to reflect on their achievement as a group on MetArt’s sister site, SexArt. Approximately 40 percent of the models in the 50+ Club retired before SexArt was launched in April 2012. Of the remainder, 18 have appeared on SexArt, 12 of whom are still actively modeling.

They are as follows, in order of number of appearances there:

  • Lorena B – 49 (18 movies)
  • Milena D – 43
  • Melena A – 39 (9 movies)
  • Nancy A – 34 (14 movies)
  • Nika N – 33
  • Sybil A – 31 (12 movies)
  • Michelle H – 31 (4 movies)
  • Mango A – 26 (11 movies)
  • Aislin – 23 (6 movies)
  • Sapphira – 21 (10 movies)
  • Emily Bloom – 16
  • Night A – 7

Sultry redhead Michelle H is, of course, better known as director Red Fox these days. Of the rest, here are some notes that might encourage you to explore their work further.

Nancy has appeared in some extremely hot girl-girl movies on SexArt, and is one of the few 50+ Club members to have also shot boy-girl, with her offscreen partner Martin T. This loving couple are dynamite together, exhibiting genuine passion, energy and incandescent sexual chemistry. Stunning Sybil has also ventured into shooting boy-girl scenes on a couple of occasions; both these and her girl-girl movies are extremely highly rated by members. She is poetry in motion!

The remainder of the group stick to girl-girl and solo appearances only. Mango almost blew up SexArt when she inserted a butt plug into herself on camera. A great actress who can captivate with or without dialogue, she’s a lot more daring and eager to push the boundaries than you might suspect from her sweet appearance. Check out Alis Locanta’s “Be My Slave II,” possibly the most explicit bondage film ever featured on SexArt, for confirmation of that – and be sure to watch all the way to the kinky ending!

Blonde bombshell Nika N dabbles in girl-girl when she gets venturesome, and all but one of these encounters was with Milena D. The most recent member of the 50+ Club, busty Aislin, is exclusively lesbian in her personal life, and it shows in the enthusiasm and skill with which she eats pussy.

Spanish superstar Lorena B is a special case; not only our second most featured model of all time on MetArt, with 99 appearances to date and still counting, she also has 49 appearances on SexArt. One more and she will make it a hat trick, as she already has over 50 appearances on our Network site Viv Thomas. Although technically she does not shoot boy-girl scenes, she has an interesting threeway on SexArt. In “Dare,” directed by Don Caravaggio and co-starring Iwia A and Greg Baldwin, Lorena joins the stud in pleasuring and being pleasured by her sweet girlfriend. It’s a raunchy and adventurous movie. It’s worth noting though, that among her many stellar girl-girl encounters, Lorena’s top-rated movie – and still SexArt’s top movie, over two years after its release – is the solo masturbation movie “Olas de Placer,” which sees her riding a giant dildo with explosive enthusiasm. Talented as well as sexy, Lorena is often credited as editor on her own movies.

It seems that not only are our 50+Club models some of the best that MetArt has ever featured, but wherever they appear throughout the Network, they reign supreme.


Become A MetArt Model!


Here at MetArt, we are always on the lookout for fresh new models. Our mission is to discover gorgeous girls who dream of sharing their natural beauty with the world. At the time of writing, we’ve featured over 3,600 stunning models… but we’re still hungry for more!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a MetArt model, we’ve made it easier than ever to apply. Just click on the link at the bottom of our homepage, or go to – we’ll be delighted to hear from you!



The MetArt 50+ Club: Jenya D

Jenya D is the archetypal MetArt model – a naturally stunning girl who is equally enchanting whether she’s cavorting playfully or bringing all her sultry sex appeal to the fore. The legendary Ukrainian star is perhaps the best known and best loved of all our nude models; featured an unsurpassed 127 times during her ten-year career, the huge archive of her movies and photosets is a treasure trove of erotic delight.

JENYA D: supreme beauty (127 appearances)

Jenya made her debut at the age of 22 on June 6, 2005, in a photoset titled “Blindfold” by Voronin. She went on to feature in a total of 117 photosets and 10 movies, with her final appearance being on July 26, 2015 in “Sinioda” by Alesha. She worked with a total of four artists: Voronin 71 times, Leonardo 32, Alesha 17 and Pasha 7. One of her movies, “Fountain,” is a girl-girl with cute blonde Sabrina D. Ten of her photosets are girl-girl – one with Danielle C, two with Sabrina D and seven with blonde bombshell Liza B – and she also starred in a three-girl pictorial, “Trittico” with Liza B and Sharon E. Her top-rated appearance is in Voronin’s movie “Zilian,” which is rated a massive 9.5.

At the time of writing, Jenya is rated 8.7 based on 127,98 votes, and has been viewed 639,974 times with 8,183 members following her – not bad for a model who has been inactive for several years now, but hardly indicative of her huge impact and influence on the world of nude glamor photography. A versatile model who could go from giggly to seductive in the blink of an eye, Jenya never looked less than utterly irresistible, whether drenched in the pool or done up to the nines in exotic lingerie.

So what made this superlative superstar so special? Well first, that flawless face – gorgeous eyes, pouting lips, and the ability to convey the most searing sensuality through her smoldering expressions. At times she resembles a brunette Marilyn Monroe. And then, of course, there’s that sensational body. Her big natural breasts are nothing short of perfection, especially when coupled with such a surprisingly athletic physique. An ass to die for, long slender legs, a pretty pussy topped by a neat strip of hair – it all adds up to one mind-blowing package. It’s no wonder members describe her not just as “a goddess” and “a dream girl” but as “the sexiest woman in the world.” We’re honored to have played host to such an exceptional beauty.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


UK relaxes guidelines for adult films

About the author: Allison Leigh is a pornographer, producer, polyamorist, and professional kinkster. When sexuality is business, business is fun! 

Sex-positive folks everywhere are celebrating after a landmark revision of obscenity laws in the United Kingdom. The Crown Prosecution Service announced the revision following a public consultation and aligned their new guidelines with the concept of “full and freely exercised consent.” The policy allows adult filmmakers to produce and distribute explicit material that covers the full range of activities which are legal to consent to in the UK, including squirting, fisting, and BDSM, which were previously banned.

The CPS website was immediately updated with the new regulations on obscene publications. “It is not for the CPS to decide what is considered good taste or objectionable,” stated a spokesperson from Crown Protective Services. “We do not propose to bring charges based on material that depicts consensual and legal activity between adults, where no serious harm is caused and the likely audience is over the age of 18. The CPS will, however, continue to robustly apply the law to anything which crosses the line into criminal conduct and serious harm.”

The British Board of Film Classification later confirmed that it has revised its standards in accord with the new laws. The BBFC said: “Because the Obscene Publications Act does not define what types of material are likely to be considered obscene, we rely upon guidance from the CPS as to what classes of material they consider likely to be suitable for prosecution… We are aware that the CPS have updated their guidance on obscene publications today and we have now adjusted our own internal policies to reflect that revised guidance.”

These revisions come after much public outcry when a 2014 amendment to the 2003 Communications Act prohibited the depiction of a large number of sexual acts from being distributed online. Many pointed out that the amendment seemed to take aim not just at BDSM, but at female sexual pleasure, as things such as female ejaculation were deemed “content that is not acceptable.” Several acts, such as consensual strangulation, facesitting, and fisting, were even classified as “potentially life threatening.”

The new policy from the Crown Prosecution Service is a huge step forward for sexual freedom in the United Kingdom. Let’s draw the curtains and celebrate.

This post first appeared on



CPS (2019, January) Obscene Publications. 

Hooton, C. (2014, December 2). A long list of sex acts just got banned in UK porn.

Pardon, R. (2019, January 31). Updated: U.K. Revises Obscenity Laws to Allow Fisting, Squirting.



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    An outstanding set of pics of wondergirl Avery.Happy and beautiful is an irresistible combination,with the lack of background detail here making the most of the perfect images to great effect.
    Over the course of the day,with this gallery in mind,memory served a musical image of a piece not heard for a number of years,and with Avery having an interest in language,and having been busy in that area,there would quite possibly not yet have been time to encounter the musical language known as jazz fusion,which takes on board traditional and creative expressions of that genre of jazz, and incorporates more modern elements of rock, classical,electronica and world music.
    With many musicians trained to the max in modern music academies ,often with early classical training,standards now are at the highest they have ever been,and there is one particular outfit that have been around since the 1980's,known as the YellowJackets,that operate at the top of that particular tree,whose expressions are highly musical and very accessible.
    Frank Zappa once said -'jazz isn't dead,it just smells funny',and at the time,he was right.
    Things have improved a lot since then,and these fellows have had decades to refine their art to exceedingly high standards.
    In this particular instance of 'that song' in mind,it was handed to me a a part of a compilation,I loved it immediately and played it over and over again,and assumed for years I was hearing a lady vocal 'scat' singing,only to discover it was actually Bobby McFerrin,an ebony male,with a most extraordinary vocal range extending from deep bass to high falsetto in perfect pitch.Special effects are thrown in for good measure;this guy is top quality with a great sense of fun.
    For a top summer sound go to YouTube and type in - Yellowjackets summer song - at the top of the page is the original audio version,and scrolling down brings a video of a full live set with Bobby at the helm as featured soloist/vocalist.
    Each performer is at the top of his game in this fabulous performance,which is titled -
    Bobby McFerrin & the Yellowjackets Jazz in Marciac 2012, and it's smiles all round in the band through the set as Bobby shows what is what in skills on vocal.
    another notable live performance features a full string orchestra in -
    Yellowjackets & the Metropole Orchestra - Greenhouse (from 22 June 2008)
    These fellows are so accomplished that they can even do romantic - check out 'Love and Paris Rain' on audio from the album 'Club Nocturne' which is worth hearing in its entirety,as is the first album 'Mirage a Trois',their first,also featuring US guitar star Robben Ford,one of America's finest players.
    Thanks be for great shows.

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    Could be because she has a tat on her back.

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    (Sigh!)....why are there so many photographers on MA who don't make movies (this is NOT a rhetorical question; I really wanna know!)??? It's really frustrating to know that - for so many gorgeous girls - there is virtually no chance to see them in a video. Serenity is one such girl; so adorable, seductive and enchanting but as Karl Sirmi obviously is a "pictures only" guy I can probably bury my hopes to see her in a super-sexy movie. Lovely outfit and setting, nice poses, good variety of facial expressions.

    on Easygoing

    Chris13 3 hours ago

    My biggest compliments to model and photographer; to Stephanie because she is such a wonderful, stunning and enchanting girl and great potential, and to Albert Varin for those awesome, sensual pictures! Please more of this model; of course movies would be gold!

    on My Tea Time

    Chris13 3 hours ago

    Those heels are exactly my kind (thanks, though they came off too soon again!) and so is AVERY of course! I also loved that cute sexy dress! For me this is one of the best sets from Alex Lynn, but I have to admit I like Leonardo´s style and his sets from Avery (and of course the videos!!) more. Why doesn´t she have a "top model" banner on the cover? She is ranked no. 10 at the moment! Honour to whom honour is due!

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