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Dreamer's Row

Erotic fiction inspired by Zelda B in “Ocean Bound

There is something about this beach that is truly magical. Every sunrise and sunset infuses you with inspiration and sensual energy. They call this place Dreamer’s Row. Many people come here to contemplate in peace, leaving their worries in the ocean. Many lovers come here and literally make their mark right on the sand. There are shallow pools by the shore with soft luminous pebbles. It’s like lying on a bed of pearls. 

Zelda has had quite a day and comes to ease her mind on the shore. As soon as her toes touch the water, it seems all her worries melt away. She feels the ripples of the low tide, how they gently bathe her feet, taking back the sand along her skin. She’s been holding tension in for days and is tired of feeling uptight. With a bold quick swoop, she lifts her dress above her head and tosses it on the sand. She walks over to the shallow pool and carefully lies on her stomach. The soft breeze kisses her face as the tranquil water soothes her skin. 

She rolls over onto her back and gazes at the sky in awe. The view is picturesque. Bright fluffy clouds overlap the different shades of blue. It’s simply breathtaking. She stares with such intensity, her mind begins to wander. She thinks of her lovers, near and far. All their special qualities and aspects of attraction.

They have all touched her in different ways, added something to her life that makes her feel complete. Special moments gather in her mind along with the details of her most steamy encounters.

Her body is so relaxed, it's like she's floating above the ground. She caresses her skin under the water and licks her lips in remembrance. She pictures them all there, kissing and fondling her. Bestowing their love upon her like the very waves upon the shore. 

Her rapidly heating flesh feels moist to the touch, as her fingers slide slowly down her chest. She plays with her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly, making them harden like the pebbles at her back. 

She lifts her body above the water line and slowly grinds against the barrier where it meets the air. It gives her pleasure. A teasing kiss to her clit each time it crosses worlds. Her pussy tightens and leaks to the point where she can no longer fathom where the ocean ends and where her wetness begins. 

She grips her bottom to keep her pelvis up, as her hand slides further down her body. Her fingers meet her clit and feel the warmth of her lust increase in the zephyr and sunshine. Her body glistens in heat as she circles her clit slowly, building speed and pressure as her pussy demands more.

Her hips thrust up and down on her hand. Her shoulders are massaged firmly by the earth. Her climax just around the way within a soft stroke and a stiff breeze.

She moans breathlessly, circling her fingers faster. Her walls grip within, feeling as if a beautiful cock is buried deep in her pussy. Harder and harder she goes, her fingers now trembling over her flesh, stroking deliciously until she reaches her well-earned climax in a quivering moment.

Zelda presses her sodden flesh until every sensation within her is satisfied. Her fingers slide inside her tight wet hole, then out again to massage her clit to a gentle calm. She lifts her fingers to her lips and tastes her wetness, biting the tips lovingly, as she comes down from her erotic high. 

She lies back and cups the gentle water over her body, cooling it off in the fading placid light. The sun is setting. Her thoughts and dreams mesh like her wetness to the ocean. Not one ounce of stress is left within her skin. 

She is one body within Dreamer's Row that has shared an intimate moment with the ocean. A moment even her most favored lovers never see. It's a glimpse marked on the sands that tells a story told by her and no one else. A silence one can only feel here in this magical place. But whenever she returns, the tide will be here to care for her again like a special friend. The kind only accompanied by sand, sun, and fond memories.


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Change Of Plan

Erotic fiction inspired by Lilit A in “Shoes Make Me Happy

It always takes her forever to get dressed. Whether it's for a fancy meeting or a casual gathering, she makes sure to look her best. I love it and hate it. The hate part is that we're late for everything. The love part is watching her get ready. 

I sit patiently on the bed as I see her gather a plethora of clothing to try on. All of them look the same to me. But apparently there's a world of difference between a red mini skirt and a plaid one. 

I'm pleased to see she's chosen her top. That tells me she will at least be done dressing within the hour. The crisp white blouse looks amazing on her. My mouth waters a little, seeing a peek of her perky breasts shadowed through the cloth. 

I wonder if she knows the effect she has on me. I concentrate on every detail. Admiring her unmatched beauty from a distance, like a curator would a piece of art. I concentrate on her reflection in the mirror and watch keenly. How the buttons stretch at the middle of her chest, making room for those perfect mouthfuls of wonder. I love how her slender fingers curl around the hangers, how her brow raises when she silently debates on things.

The two skirts are menacing her thoughts. She switches back and forth between them. Then, she looks over at me.

"Help me, darling," she smiles demurely, "which one?"

I stand behind her a while. My thumb and forefinger crested under my chin in contemplation. "I like the red one," I nod agreeably.

I walk forward and caress the backs of her thighs. Just gently, to take her attention a moment. She looks back at me and grins, while her eyes scan me seductively. 

"What time is it?"

I stare a little too long at her and my brain melts, seeing the tiny black lace panties under her skirt as she bends over.

"Huh? Sorry, what?"

She giggles innocently and raises her brow again. "The time, dear. What hour is it... the minute, also?" 

Just a sprinkle of sarcasm adds to her charm, amused by my sudden distracted expression. I grin like I'm caught doing something naughty, yet looking forward to a punishment.

"Are you not paying attention?" she asks, turning around to face me.

"Oh, I am," I whisper. "Your beauty just happens to make one sense take over the other."

A nice linguistic catch, I know. And she appreciates it. She keeps eye contact with me as she slowly slides off her panties. She twirls them around her finger and puts on a gorgeous pair of heels. She truly does have all of my attention. She always knows how to take it. This particular pair gets me hard instantly.

As soon as she turns around to check her reflection in the mirror, I walk behind her and rest my chin on her shoulder. Then, gently caress the sleeves of her blouse. "Can I be honest with you?"

"Yes, of course," she replies. Her face is stern, eager to hear what I have to say.

"Would you be terribly upset if we didn't go?" I mutter. 

She smiles as she caresses my face. "I'd be crushed."

Her charming tone lifts the lid off my brimming lust, and my hands sneak under her skirt. The tips of my fingers on both hands cross down her V-line. I gently massage her labia and kiss her neck. 

She moans quietly, still standing firm. But her breath halts as soon as I feel her wetness hidden between her soft folds. My cock turns rigid instantly. She arches when she feels my erection poke the small of her back.

"Mmm… goodness. Feels like ‘someone’ wants to come out and play." Her voice turns to a seductive rasp. 

"Yes," I whisper, "he's always ready to play with you."

My left hand grips her waist and my right hand slowly aims for her warm wet pussy. She raises both her arms and rests her hands on my neck as I slide my middle finger up and down her slick pleats. An achingly gentle sawing motion that drives her wild.

I feel her clit poke out to meet my fingertips, and circle them slowly. My lips press her neck. I kiss her skin and breathe, letting the warmth of my mouth seduce her further. 

Her eyes shut tight and she bites her lip sexily. I press a little harder, circling just a bit faster, feeling her hips roll forward to meet my touch. Her lips swell and her legs shiver, making her heels squeak on the floor. 

I wrap my other arm around her to keep her from falling, as I slowly coax her pussy to drip. Her smooth plump lips make wet erotic sounds like an ill-mannered mouth at dinner. 

Her skin heats up beneath her blouse. She moans louder and more frequently. Her hands tremble around my neck as her hips thrust and shake. A smooth stroke or two later, her sweet little pussy cums all over my hand. 

My lips part drastically when I feel her quake on my fingers. It's an ecstatic, indescribable feeling. Her slender fingers loosen their grip as her pulses die down. She turns to face me and kisses me hungrily. Her teeth nibble my lip, her tongue dancing in my mouth. 

She quickly unbuttons her blouse and drops it behind her. The skirt, next to be kicked away.

"Sweetheart," I say sternly.

She stops her frantic movements and looks deep into my eyes. 

"Please. Can you leave those heels on?" 

She grins lustfully and leans in to lick my lips. Her head nods slightly as she smiles. I take her in my arms and carry her to the bed. I set her down gently on the sheets and undress. I keep staring at her sexy heels and how they make her legs look even more delicious. 

I crawl on the bed and take her feet in my hands. I love how they feel. I like grazing the pointy heels down my chest and stomach. I lift her knees and make sure the heels press my skin, as the head of my cock reaches for her hot gates.

I wet the tip with her juices and circle it around her clit. I love teasing myself on her pussy, making sweet anticipation for us both. 

"Please, put it in," she begs. Then, drags her heels to my nipples. The slight sting gets me going like nothing else.

I hold her ankles close and slowly ease my cock inside her. Her head falls back on the pillows as she moans sensually. Her pussy tightens around my shaft as I fuck her deeper. My balls get slippery with her juices. 

She crosses her legs across my chest and pulls me close. My cock feels so good inside her with the slight change of angle. I feel I can fuck her harder like this. She whimpers when I hit her magic spot. 

"Fuck, yes. Just like that!" she commands.

I deliver every inch of myself at her will. Up and down. In and out. Hard and steady until her legs are shaking just as badly as before. I feel my cock swell within her tightening walls. The grip feels like soft suctioning lips surrounding my dick, trying to suck the cum right out of me.

I resist until I feel my entire body tense. My ragged breath sounding out how close I am. Her hand slides between her legs and her fingers work on her clit as I keep my pace. The view of her is almost enough to make me explode. I don't let it go until I feel her cum again. Her wet throbbing cunt fluttering around my cock tips me over the edge. And I fuck her as hard as I can. With a long low groan of satisfaction, I cum hard inside her. My arms shiver over her thighs as I curse loudly. 

I let every gooey drop spurt within her and carefully slide out. More cum spills, leaving a long white trail across her beautiful heels. I know I've ruined them now, but the vision of it smeared like that is purely satisfying. 

I lean down to kiss her lips and she moans blissfully into my mouth, also satisfied with our slight change of plan. 

"I'm sorry I ruined those."

"You ruined nothing," she replies, kissing me again. 

She turns me over on my back and grins mischievously, scooting closer to my face. "Now, be a gentleman and clean up your mess."


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Sapphic Spring Sweetness

Erotic fiction inspired by Nancy A in “One Spring Morning

Nancy loved Spring mornings. She particularly loved Saturdays in the spring. There was something magical about riding her bike along the quiet country lanes. It was cool enough that she needed a jacket but warm enough that she felt comfortable pulling on her cutest short shorts. If she was honest, one of the things she loved most was how turned on the whole season made her. The world was exploding with sexual potential. Everything was shedding the dull winter blahs and opening up to the warmth. That and the way her bike seat massaged her through the thin material between her legs meant that by the time her ride was half over, she was wet through and through.

When she pulled over to stretch and rest her legs by the gigantic oak tree, she gave a thought to just pulling down her shorts and exploring between her thighs until the cars on the distant expressway could hear her. Instead, just to prolong the sweet agony, she pulled down the kite she’d found here last month. Its string was still intact as were its planes and angles. She flew it for a few minutes, appreciating getting back in touch with her innocent side. That was another thing she loved about this time of year. It was all about rebirth and renewal.

Eventually, her stomach grumbled and she decided it was time to go home. She’d get some lunch and enjoy some alone time before her girlfriend got back from work. By the time that happened, Nancy would be ready for sweet kisses and more.

When she walked through her front door, she decided her lunch could wait. She took off her shoes, peeled off her jacket and hung it on the hook. Once in their bedroom, she dropped her shirt and bra on the floor. Then, like a cat, she got on the bed and stretched her spine, her ass in the air and her nipples dragging against the soft, fuzzy blanket.

She pulled those short shorts down, burying her face in the fake fur of their blanket. Then she slipped her red panties – the ones with the cute heart embroidery – off of her cheeks and down her long legs. Her lips dripped with her arousal. Sliding so that she was flat on the bed, she kept one hand pressed underneath her. Her fingers eased her wet lips open so she could explore herself thoroughly. She had no intention of cumming just yet. If she could skate right on the edge for ten or fifteen minutes, she knew she’d explode.

Hips moving as slowly as the kite had in the morning breeze, she pushed her fingers deeper into the tight, wet space between her legs. Folds gripped her digits as her other hand toyed with her ass. She knew her girlfriend would be eager to explore every inch of her in just a few hours. As she pushed her body against her hand below, she imagined her lover’s tongue caressing the pink little hole from behind.

Her moan caught her by surprise. Maybe she wouldn’t last ten minutes. Perhaps not even five. She writhed on the fuzzy blanket as her fingers continued tracing her tender skin and pushing into the hot, welcoming entrances. She rolled around, luxuriating in the feel of fake fur against her soft, increasingly warm skin. She sucked her fingers clean and put them back, trading holes as easily as her lover would.

She moved up, up, up, her whole body becoming a heaving, throbbing, mewling mess. She pulled a pillow between her thighs and ground against it, imagining her girlfriend’s lips and tongue on her while they rolled around in the sweet spring grass. She didn’t hear the opening and closing of the door as she came, screaming her lover’s name.

She did feel her lover’s hands on her body replace her own, and as the soft tongue did just what she had imagined it doing moments before, she gave thanks for everything this spring day had brought her.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


The MetArt 50+ Club: Niemira

Raven-haired beauty Niemira is the latest gorgeous model to become a member of our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. The curvaceous Ukrainian bombshell made her fiftieth appearance this week, to the delight of members who can’t get enough of her seductive allure.

NIEMIRA: sexual perfection (50 appearances)

The busty blue-eyed babe made her debut at the age of 23 on March 28, 2015, in a “Presenting” photoset by Leonardo. She has worked with seven artists to date: Leonardo 16 times, Fabrice 10, Antonio Clemens 8, Nudero 7, Arkisi 6, Alex Lynn 2, and Deltagamma 1. All of her appearances are photosets, and all solo – this is not a girl who needs to share the limelight. Her top-rated appearances are “Fionna” and “Madera,” both by Leonardo, and both rated an impressive 9.4.

At the time of writing, Niemira is ranked #36, with a rating of 9.29 based on 3,169 votes, with 451,724 views and 4,161 members following her. She has appeared on several other sites in the Network, primarily Eternal Desire but also Domai, Erotic Beauty, Goddess Nudes, Stunning 18, Viv Thomas and Errotica Archives. An interesting fact from our member Kilroy: Niemira is not only the highest scoring model to enter the 50+ Club, but has also done it in the quickest time period of all the active models – just 4.21 years. 

What is it that we all love so much about Niemira? Well, her irresistible physical attributes are unmistakeable. Her pretty face is charming, with strong eyebrows, beautiful eyes and full lips – she’s equally appealing whether she’s playing the fresh-faced girl-next-door or glammed up as a sultry siren. And her body – wow! It’s impossible to overlook her perfect breasts, those wonderful full round globes with sexy tan lines; but her long slender legs, plump pussy and firm ass are equally spectacular. She looks incredible in lingerie and heels, but even better naked. No wonder members describe her as a “goddess” and anticipate her visits with bated breath; and as she’s still actively modeling, we look forward to featuring Niemira on many occasions to come.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


Gold Collar

Erotic fiction inspired by Kelly Wilde in “Feeling Frisky

I like to feel him close to me when he’s away. Unfortunately, he’s away too often. But I understand. He’s the kind of man who’s irreplaceable in his field, a pure Gold Collar. I stay faithful to him at all times because he’s so good to me. We take care of each other and make such a good team.

But I miss him so much today. It’s hard being alone in this massive house without him. I go to his side of the closet and run my hands softly across his shirts. All his linens and silks for business and leisure. Pleasure rises within me, smelling his essence in the room. I take one of his crisp white button-ups and put it on. I close my eyes and hold myself, pretending his strong arms are around me. I’m just in my underwear, and it looks really sexy with his shirt on. I know he’d love it.

I walk to the next room and sit on his side of the table. My hair drapes down the back of the chair. My hand slides down the middle of my stomach and rests on the seam of my panties. I merely press the lace and already, my juices squish between my thighs. My lips part gently and my eyes close. I succumb to lust and start massaging my pussy through my panties. I get lost in my head, multiple fantasies flowing through my mind. Flashes of his handsome face between my legs, his soft full lips pressing my clit. My moans echo to the ceiling, as I feel my climax near.

Suddenly, I hear the door open. Smooth footsteps across the foyer. “Sweetheart? I’m home!”

My hand doesn’t stop moving. My skin tingles in excitement, anticipating his reaction when he catches me like this. And there he is, as calm as can be at first. He watches me touch myself for a moment, then drops his briefcase. His lips part when I curl my finger at him, beckoning him to come closer. He loosens his tie.

“Keep that on,” I command.

My climax peaks just as he drops to his knees. His fingers curl around the seams of my panties and he slides them off. I take his tie and wind it around my hand. His face wedges between my legs and his tongue extends, eager to taste me. It’s soft and wet, but his scruffy chin adds a nice tickle to my lips. His large hands massage my calves as his head swivels in circles. My muscles flutter in pleasure and my hips rock against his face.

“Cum for me, princess!” he whispers into my flesh. The rumble of his voice adds even more stimulation.

I grip his tie so hard, my hand trembles like I’m holding a tiger on a leash. He presses his lips closer and sucks my clit firmly, milking it blissfully.  His tongue flicks faster, but lightens the pressure, making my pussy swell towards him. He withdraws until it’s as light as the brush of a butterfly’s wings. My body stiffens. My legs shake over his back, as my orgasm rises like a flush tide that washes over us both.

He looks up at me in amazement. His lips and chin are soaked with my juices. With his tie still in my hand, I pull him closer. I slowly lick my cum off his chin, spreading the glaze to his mouth. We kiss passionately, sharing my sweet sticky nectar. I let go of his tie and reach for his cock that’s pitching a large tent through his slacks. I unzip him roughly and grab it, slowly jerking it as he groans in my mouth.

I wrap my legs around his waist and guide his long thick cock inside me. His face expresses his lust on my skin. His brows furrowing, his cheeks in heat. He makes hard deep thrusts inside me, stirring another climactic wave. I hold him close and moan sexily in his ear. His cock feels so good inside me, it’s making me melt inside.

He lifts me up and grips my bottom tightly, keeping his cock deep in my core. The sudden motion makes me gasp and giggle, holding on to his neck for security. “Hang on tight, baby,” he whispers seductively, “Daddy’s taking you for a ride.”

I nod and bite my lip lustfully as he kisses me again. Then, I hold him tight as he fucks me hard. My pussy is still sensitive from cumming on his tongue. Adding his cock in the mix is almost overwhelming. But I’m a big girl and I can take anything Daddy gives me. His smooth shaft grows, making my walls feel even tighter around his girth. He fucks me through another climax, then another and another, until I’m a screaming shivering mess in his arms. His shirt is soaked from sleeve to collar.

The final wave gets him. I can hear it in his voice. That masculine groan starts getting louder, followed by stammering profanity. “Are you gonna cum for me, Daddy?” I moan in his ear, nibbling his lobe softly. “Please cum for me! Please! I want it!”

His eyes shut tight. He starts fucking me so hard, I’m bouncing up and down in his arms. His cock grows diamond hard inside me, hitting my wishbone. I hang on tight to his body as he thrusts rapidly until his cock erupts like a volcano inside me. I rock my hips slowly, fucking every pulse out of him. I feel his cum leak, making wet plops as it drips to the smooth marble floor.

He carefully lets me down. His eyes are still closed and his face looks so relaxed. I kiss his lips as he smiles. Then, I take his hand and lead him to the bath. My plan for the rest of the day is to clean him up, then get him dirty all over again.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


New MetArt model of the month: May 2019

May has been a month of abundant sunshine and sexy girls here at MetArt, with nine lovely new models making their naked debut. From busty bombshells to petite cuties, there really was someone for all tastes! It’s not easy to pick favorites from such a bounty of gorgeous budding starlets, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Cassia photographed by Erro. Presented May 12.

Slender and athletic, with perfect breasts and a sensational ass, 22-year-old Polish newcomer Cassia made a powerful first impression. The blue-eyed babe with silky golden-brown hair charmed with her lovely smile and sultry sensuality. Her passionate and romantic bio revealed that she dreams of kisses from a strong yet gentle and seductive man who will adore and cherish her. Could that be you?

Gianna Dior photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented May 19.

A dark-eyed Hispanic honey with a commanding presence, American beauty Gianna Dior made her debut in sexy lingerie which she peeled off to reveal magnificent breasts with delicious chocolate-brown nipples, and a pretty pussy with smooth plump lips and a fluffy bush. Poised and glamorous, this 22-year-old caramel-skinned stunner revealed in her bio that she’s a serious-minded girl who enjoys her studies; but judging by the hint of creaminess displayed here, she enjoys erotic modeling at least as much!

Alice Antoinette photographed by Cassandra Keyes. Presented May 21.

From her cute feet to her wavy blonde hair, 22-year-old American darling Alice Antoinette was a delectable treat. The alluring debutante had flirting with her pretty eyes down to a fine art, stripping out of her bikini by the pool to reveal her incredible body, with luscious breasts, a peachy ass and a smooth shaved pussy. Her confident, uninhibited air as she shared her naked charms was exceptionally appealing.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of May 2019?



The MetArt 50+ Club: Lauren Crist

Sexy brunette Lauren Crist is the latest star to join our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. Czech sweetheart Lauren makes her fiftieth appearance today, an event her many fans have been anticipating enthusiastically.

LAUREN CRIST: natural beauty (50 appearances)

Lovely Lauren made her debut at the age of 21 on November 20, 2012, in a “Presenting” photoset by Luca Helios. She was originally featured as Luce, but later adopted the modeling name Lauren. She has appeared in three movies and 47 photosets to date, all of them solo, and has worked with six artists: Deltagamma 21, Slastyonoff 10, Luca Helios 8, Erro 8, Mike G twice and Ken Tavos once. Her highest rated photosets are her debut and “Latanya” by Mike G, both rated 9.1.

Today’s photoset “Seminal” was shot by Deltagamma, with whom she seems to have a special rapport that extends to the family cat. Playful feline Delta Rho made a guest appearance during the shooting of “Padavu,” leading to the adorable candid shot seen below. Lauren is a very relaxed, composed model, and her unstudied portraits are some of the highlights of their collaboration.

At the time of writing, Lauren’s personal rating is 9.1 based on 3,513 votes, with 156,774 views and 4,241 members following her. She has also appeared sixteen times on our sister site SexArt – including two very hot masturbation movies shot by Andrej Lupin – and once on Errotica Archives.

Sporty Lauren has an incredible body, toned and athletic, with perfect breasts and a firm round ass. She is tall and her pussy is sometimes shaved smooth, sometimes sporting a neat strip of hair. Her pretty smile gives her a sweet approachability, and her beautiful blue eyes are captivating. It’s this combination of girl-next-door cuteness and impressive glamor that has made so popular.

In her biography she reveals: “I love my cat! Second to her I love the guys. I like to pretend to be a sexy star for them. I love to tease and play with them.” If you enjoy her teasing as much as we do, you’ll join us in hoping to see plenty more of this stunning girl.


Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


Pineapple Support Props Up Adult Industry Performers

Organization marks one year of mental health support for adult industry with nonprofit status

About the author: Allison Leigh is a pornographer, producer, polyamorist, and professional kinkster. When sexuality is business, business is fun! 

Mental health care network Pineapple Support is marking its one-year anniversary of providing mental health resources to performers in the adult industry. In its first year, Pineapple Support has connected more than one hundred adult performers to mental health services including free and low-cost therapy, counseling and emotional support.

Nearly a year to the day after the organization’s founding, Pineapple Support has announced that it has secured 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in the United States - a change that founder Leya Tanit says will open up a “whole new chapter… and will help us reach even more performers in the coming year.”

Pineapple Support was launched by Tanit, a former performer, in response to a string of losses in the adult industry from depression and other mental illness. Many adult performers have trouble accessing mental health care and often face discrimination by providers. The organization not only connects performers with care, it also hosts a blog and podcast, and runs events such as suicide prevention training days for the community.

“This is the most tremendous anniversary gift Pineapple Support could ask for,” said Tanit. “This clears the way for many other people, companies and other organizations who want to support the organization as a charitable deduction.”

Pineapple Support already had nonprofit status in the UK, where it was founded. Many major adult companies have stepped up to support the organization.

And as for why the Pineapple?

Pineapple is the most commonly used safe-word, after stop and red.”

To donate or learn more, please visit


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Gloria Pleases Herself

Erotic fiction inspired by Gloria Sol in “Out of the Way

Gloria has always been a free spirit. That’s why she finds herself on the run from domestic bliss, nothing but a suitcase of clothes to tie her to her old life.

She’s been walking down this track for what feels like hours now, headed for the road that will take her to the bright lights and excitement she craves. It’s hot though, even in her skimpy summer dress, and she’s still some distance from the highway; no chance of hitching a ride out here in the middle of nowhere.

She stops to rest awhile, sitting on her case, thighs spread to let the cooling breeze waft up her dress. It feels good. She tells herself that’s all it’s about – cooling off – as she unbuttons her dress all the way down and lets it fall open, but really, it’s the thrill of her new-found freedom that has her buzzing with exhilaration. Imagine what they’d say, if they saw her undressing in the open like this. Imagine how they’d stare!

Her underwear is so sheer it’s practically see-through, her bra struggling to contain her big breasts as her dark nipples poke through the fabric. She feels her arousal like an urgent pulse at her core as she strolls up and down, performing a silent striptease for the flowers and the trees. Letting her bra slip off, she feels a surge of euphoria at the unrestrained bounce and sway of her beautiful breasts, encouraging her to go further, to give into her primal urge to get naked.

She slides her panties down around her thighs, lets them fall to her ankles, giggling to herself as she kicks them off over her sneakers. She knows her pussy is getting wet without having to touch it, the novelty of feeling the breeze tease her naked flesh so intoxicating. Perhaps she’ll let her fingers do a little exploring before she continues on her way… and let’s see what fresh excitement this wonderful day brings.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


MetArt’s top nude models go wild on SexArt

We have now blogged about every model currently eligible for entry in the MetArt 50+ Club – girls who have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career – although no doubt more will be added to that prestigious group soon. Watch out for Niemira and Lauren Crist, both approaching fifty appearances!

As it stands, we have 53 models in the 50+ Club, and it seems an appropriate time to reflect on their achievement as a group on MetArt’s sister site, SexArt. Approximately 40 percent of the models in the 50+ Club retired before SexArt was launched in April 2012. Of the remainder, 18 have appeared on SexArt, 12 of whom are still actively modeling.

They are as follows, in order of number of appearances there:

  • Lorena B – 49 (18 movies)
  • Milena D – 43
  • Melena A – 39 (9 movies)
  • Nancy A – 34 (14 movies)
  • Nika N – 33
  • Sybil A – 31 (12 movies)
  • Michelle H – 31 (4 movies)
  • Mango A – 26 (11 movies)
  • Aislin – 23 (6 movies)
  • Sapphira – 21 (10 movies)
  • Emily Bloom – 16
  • Night A – 7

Sultry redhead Michelle H is, of course, better known as director Red Fox these days. Of the rest, here are some notes that might encourage you to explore their work further.

Nancy has appeared in some extremely hot girl-girl movies on SexArt, and is one of the few 50+ Club members to have also shot boy-girl, with her offscreen partner Martin T. This loving couple are dynamite together, exhibiting genuine passion, energy and incandescent sexual chemistry. Stunning Sybil has also ventured into shooting boy-girl scenes on a couple of occasions; both these and her girl-girl movies are extremely highly rated by members. She is poetry in motion!

The remainder of the group stick to girl-girl and solo appearances only. Mango almost blew up SexArt when she inserted a butt plug into herself on camera. A great actress who can captivate with or without dialogue, she’s a lot more daring and eager to push the boundaries than you might suspect from her sweet appearance. Check out Alis Locanta’s “Be My Slave II,” possibly the most explicit bondage film ever featured on SexArt, for confirmation of that – and be sure to watch all the way to the kinky ending!

Blonde bombshell Nika N dabbles in girl-girl when she gets venturesome, and all but one of these encounters was with Milena D. The most recent member of the 50+ Club, busty Aislin, is exclusively lesbian in her personal life, and it shows in the enthusiasm and skill with which she eats pussy.

Spanish superstar Lorena B is a special case; not only our second most featured model of all time on MetArt, with 99 appearances to date and still counting, she also has 49 appearances on SexArt. One more and she will make it a hat trick, as she already has over 50 appearances on our Network site Viv Thomas. Although technically she does not shoot boy-girl scenes, she has an interesting threeway on SexArt. In “Dare,” directed by Don Caravaggio and co-starring Iwia A and Greg Baldwin, Lorena joins the stud in pleasuring and being pleasured by her sweet girlfriend. It’s a raunchy and adventurous movie. It’s worth noting though, that among her many stellar girl-girl encounters, Lorena’s top-rated movie – and still SexArt’s top movie, over two years after its release – is the solo masturbation movie “Olas de Placer,” which sees her riding a giant dildo with explosive enthusiasm. Talented as well as sexy, Lorena is often credited as editor on her own movies.

It seems that not only are our 50+Club models some of the best that MetArt has ever featured, but wherever they appear throughout the Network, they reign supreme.


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    She has a very pretty, young and innocent-looking face and a lovely body. Her posing and rolling around on the bed is damn hot and sensual - quite adorable!
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